Paralegal Institute partners with industry leader in helping legal professionals gain employment

We are super excited to partner with an industry leader in placing legal professionals in the legal industry. The Morton Group a Scottsdale, Arizona based company owned and operated by Sue Morton is someone we are proud to partner with as her company has been placing legal professionals in the industry for over 32 years. Her experience, industry knowledge, ethics, and professionalism makes us fortunate to have an opportunity to partner in a way that will help our students.

Both Paralegal Institute and The Morton Group are passionate about helping those who want a successful career in the legal field as our goal is to further develop a Paralegal or Nurse Paralegal Pathway that includes opportunities for students/learners with no experience to take advantage of entry level (i.e. receptionist, Paralegal Assistant, Legal Project assistant, etc.) opportunities in law firms which is a great way to starting a legal career.

Over the next few months we will be sharing opportunities to learn more about what it takes to start a career in the legal field. Students attending the Paralegal Institute will have an opportunity to hear about this growing industry directly from Sue Morton. She will be conducting webinars on many topics, the first one in May 2021 will address the importance of “Treating your job search like a project”.

Again, we are honored to work with The Morton Group on our quest to help our students gain important employability skills.