About The Paralegal Institute

History and Success

The Paralegal Institute was established as a residential school by John W. Morrison in 1974 to fulfill the need for paraprofessional education. In 1979, The Paralegal Institute discontinued its residential training program and became a distance learning institution.

Also in 1979, The Paralegal Institute received its initial accreditation from the Distance Education and Training Council. Furthermore, The Paralegal Institute became approved as a degree- and diploma-granting institution with the State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.

August 2011 began the fifth year of a joint partnership between Brighton and sister school, The Paralegal Institute. Since 2007, the schools have shared the same leadership, esteemed faculty, and talented staff. To celebrate the beginning of our fifth year, we decided to combine our two schools into one. The Paralegal Institute offers the same quality degree- and diploma-level career training programs, now under the name The Paralegal Institute @ Brighton.

Over the years, the demand for distance learning has become a viable factor in our success. We strive for the ultimate in customer service for our students, which is what makes The Paralegal Institute @ Brighton stand apart from other career training schools and colleges.

In 2020, Brighton elected to Voluntarily Withdraw DEAC Accreditation.

In 2021, LearnKey, Inc., a thirty-three year old globally recognized workforce solutions provider to corporate, government, and education organizations acquired 100% ownership of Brighton College & The Paralegal Institute (BC/TPI).