What’s New At Brighton?

Hi everyone!

Brighton College has made a ton of changes lately!! Just a quick rundown:

Our new Student Financial Services Coordinator is Zeena. Zeena joined us almost 2 months ago and hit the ground running. Not only is she working with the financial side of the college, Zeena has been an invaluable resource to us when it comes to compliance, FERPA rules, and even some HIPPA rules that apply to our students. She has been an amazing addition to our staff and we are very lucky to have her.

We also have a new Student Services Coordinator–me! I’m Kaitlin, but I go by “Kait” mostly. In addition to working with our students to make sure they have everything they need and have all of their questions answered, I’m also the faculty liaison, making sure I keep the instructors caught up in their grading and act as a go-between for students and faculty alike to the administration. I am 100% in my students’ corners, working my hardest to make sure they succeed.

We are also working on unrolling A LOT of new changes, including a new platform called Talent that will (hopefully) make things much easier. We also have a new system of enrollment procedures and working with admissions and enrollment. We have our VP of Academics, Gilda, and she’s driven to make us the best TEAM we can be, and that starts with cohesion across all departments.

The programs that Brighton offers are constantly changing and evolving as we respond to our students’ surveys and experiences. Stay tuned for a FREE course we are offering to help you figure out your natural talent! 🙂

Keep Learning!